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Waiting Is The Hardest Part

It is getting so hard to wait!

But what are you waiting for? You are waiting for Ash to provide 
the perfect vehicle for us to achieve a lifetime of income. And that 
perfect vehicle is now in the making and is almost done and the 
closer we get, the harder it is to wait. But you must have the 
patience for this once in a lifetime creation.

But it's taking too long and I need money now!

How were you earning money before the announcement of On
Passive? You were never told that it was going to launch on a certain 
date and if you were, then it was not by Ash, as he has never given a 
specific launch date and will not ever do that until we are ready. And 
rightly so, only he knows the details of what needs to be done and it 
is his duty and privilege to protect our new creation by not giving out 
all of the details. While most of us are legitimate, don't forget, we do 
have wolves in sheep's clothing among us. 

But I was told that it was going to start months ago and I gave up 
everything else!

Would it have been better if someone told you that we would start a 
year from now? And how would you have properly prepared your 
financial life while you waited? If you truly understood the magnitude 
of what is being built for you, you would never complain, not even in 
the least bit. And from this day forward, do whatever you have to do 
to keep an income coming in until we are ready. And when that day 
comes, you will forever rejoice in it. You will be so grateful that you 
had the strength to stay and not give up.

I guess I can be patient a little while longer...but if we do not start 
by next month, I quit!

There you go again, putting a drop-dead date on this and therefore 
squashing all hopes you have of a better life. You have been at this 
marketing game for years and you have won some but mostly you 
have lost. In this final year, right before your eyes, an opportunity 
is being prepared that will not only provide you with an unending 
income for the rest of your life, but it will also provide for your 
family for years to come. This will wipe away all losses you have 
ever experienced in this online arena. And you cannot wait for that?

Yes, I can wait for that and I will begin to do other things that will 
bring in an income and I will wait for us to start. I know that my 
frustration and complaining is a result of my desperation for money, 
but you are right, OnPassive is the solution, not the problem.

I know that waiting is hard, in fact, it is the hardest part of all of this.  
Because we know that once we begin, we can not be stopped. We 
know that once we begin, most of us will have an income that we 
never could have imagined. We know that at times, fear, doubt, and 
negativity can creep in, but in the long run, we will win. We just have 
to stay strong and have a belief in what we are about to accomplish.  
Believe it!  So, yes, while waiting is the hardest part, what we have 
is worth waiting for!